Construction machinery

Aside from simple decoupling elements , curved line systems with both rigid and flexible components are used. Perfectly fitted to the individual mounting scenario. These combine ease of assembly with reliable compensation of mounting tolerances and engine motions to meet strict safety requirements. The combination of different elements enables the use in tight spaces and, at the same time, offers a high degree of reliability and flexibility.


Highly sophisticated engineering from the conception of the product to the final solution for serial production, permanent quality monitoring of production, and a design process in accordance with Tier4 interim and Tier4 final ensure that exhaust gas emission standards are met and that the number of operating hours is large as the basis of the long-term economic efficiency of the entire aggregate.


  • Pre-finished curved, flexible line systems
  • Gas-tight stainless steel bellows, welded to cast iron connectors
  • Thin- and thick-walled pipes with wrinkle-free 3D curvature
  • Structure-borne noise decoupling elements
  • Stripwound hoses
  • Return lines
  • Expansion elements



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