Heat exchangers

More performance on less space

Compared to conventional, flat-surface designed models, the corrugated HYDRA® hoses offer a significantly larger with markedly better performance and correspondingly high efficiency. Such high-performance, compact  and light-weight exchangers can be installed even in very confined spaces.

Temperature transfer due to optimised flow characteristics

The corrugation causes turbulent flow characteristics inside the hose, which has an intensifying effect on heat transfer. In contrast to laminar flow, the layers of equal temperature are mixed with each other and the flow rate in the middle of the hose decreases. Both effects increase the heat exchange performance significantly, rendering it up to 50% higher than with non-corrugated pipes.

Targeted turbulence prevents the formation of deposits

The corrugated profile results in targeted turbulence, which intermixes the flowing medium homogeneously. As a result, the formation of limescale deposits is prevented, which provides for constant performance throughout the entire service life.

Client-specific designs

As a manufacturer, Witzenmann is able to design and manufacture coiled hoses and housings as a system. The systems are customised to meet the most varied customer requirements and applications. The heat exchangers are scalable in length and can be fitted with metal and plastic housings as well as with the most varied connections.


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