A successful product test conducted under near-operational conditions continues to be the most effec-tive method by which to prove that a Witzenmann product will safely meet the service life and strength requirements under extreme operating conditions. A wide variety of testing facilities are available for this purpose.

Functional properties such as static and dynamic stiffness, displacement capabilities, flow characteris-tics, and leak-tightness are important parameters that allow a Witzenmann product to serve its function appropriately as a component of a larger system. These functional properties are determined experi-mentally using measuring devices that are specially adapted to the specific requirements needed for the proper characterization of flexible metallic pipeline elements.

Our well-equipped testing workshop and the in-house mechanical engineering department allow us to respond very quickly to new testing requirements

Testing facilities for:

  • Load cycle tests axial, lateral, angular, torsional and combined, with internal or external pressure and temperature
  • Pressure pulse tests
  • Burst pressure tests
  • Vibration tests
  • Operating load tests on 4-axis, 5-axis and 6-axis test benches

Witzenmann Opava

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