Corrugated Bellows

HYDRA® corrugated bellows are manufactured by hydraulic forming of single or multiple thin walled tubes depending on the required characteristics..

Single-ply bellows have lower spring rates and are widely used in vacuum technology.

Multi-ply bellows provide greater resistance to pressure whilst remaining their flexibility. One of the many applications include use as a flexible seal around a valve shaft where operating pressures of up to 400 bar can be required.

The latest cleaning techniques are available for corrugated bellows with strict requirements regarding absence of spots, particles, and residual films. Bellows are manufactured in clean room environments to meet the highest cleanliness requirements.

Corrugated bellows that are required to meet the strictest technical cleanliness demands / required free of contaminants (particles and film residue) are manufactured in a special clean room environment.


  • Flexibility
  • pressure resistant
  • vacuum tightness
  • temperature resistant
  • corrosion resistant
  • ageing resistant
  • torsional rigidity


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