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Witzenmann Opava


Witzenmann Opava is part of the worldwide operating Witzenmann Group. We offer our customers a wide portfolio of flexible stainless steel elements, which are distributed worldwide under the HYDRA® brand.

History of the company

Witzenmann Opava was established in 1993. The company followed up on the tradition of stainless steel bellows production used as a sealing element in valve production for nuclear industry.

From the very beginning the company focused on the production of bellows, small expansion joints up to DN 100 and metal hoses. In 2008 the company made an investment in additional machinery and broadened the existing product range to include flexible metal elements used in automotive industry as a dilatation element in exhaust systems and to also include the so called EGR parts used in personal and commercial vehicle engine applications.

Since 2008, Witzenmann Opava has become a direct supplier for automotive manufacturers. Other fields of application for our products include chemical and petrochemical industry, power industry, technical building equipment and others. At present there are 500 employees developing and manufacturing flexible stainless steel components in a technologically advanced production plant covering an area of 16.000 m2.

Leader in technology

Witzenmann Opava, a fully integrated subsidiary of the Witzenmann Group, offers the full product range of the whole Witzenmann Group as well as the standardized product design, production processes, quality inspection equipment and procedures. As a leader in technology we are able to supply complex technical solutions and products tailored to our customers‘ needs.

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