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From component to system
Long lifespan: designed to run for more than 1 million kilometres.

Trucks / buses / transporters

For the On-Highway field, Witzenmann offers flexible metallic elements with connecting parts up to complete pipe assemblies, which, here too, enable optimal solutions under extreme installation conditions.

Product Overview

An overview of our products for trucks, buses and transporters

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Near-engine Components

Direct connection to the turbocharger with V-edge clamps or integrated customer counter-piece. Our leading connection know-how creates optimal solutions.

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Automotive Components in the Exhaust System Image Text
Automotive Components in the Exhaust System

Decoupling elements are used in the connecting line between the engine and the exhaust post-treatment; these are configured as metal bellows or stripwound hoses. They are used for decoupling movements of mechanical components, expansion and vibration, as well as for compensating for installation tolerances.

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Exhaust After-treatment Products

Within the exhaust post-treatment, metal bellows are used for absorbing movements and compensating for installation tolerances.


  • optimised flow technology
  • with pre-finish adaptation to the particular customer situation
Automotive components in the exhaust system
30 %
of our pipes are insulated
3 million
number of bellows in a large series
Witzenmann Tech-Centres worldwide

Your development partner in every phase

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From design and calculation, operational loads determination and prototype verification to lifespan validation and large series production - Witzenmann's engineers contribute the experience and know-how to arrange for projects to be carried out economically and efficiently.

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