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Temporary work and internship


Temporary work

The company Witzenmann Opava, spol. s r.o., offers opportunities to all those who are interested in a part-time job throughout the calendar year.

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We require:

- the agreed length of employment should not be less than 1 month
- work in a three-shift work regime according to the submitted schedule of shifts - a person over 18 years of age can apply for a job
- good health - experience of working in the field of mechanical engineering is an advantage, but not a condition

If you are interested in negotiating a short-term employment relationship (so-called brigade) in a multinational company such as Witzenmann Opava, spol. s r.o., contact us.


The company Witzenmann Opava, spol. s r.o., the world's leading manufacturer of flexible metal elements, supports the study of selected fields of study and graduation, and thus the development of professional knowledge and skills of pupils and students who know where they want to go professionally and are interested in employment.

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We thus offer pupils and students the possibility of professional practice in our company, which can contribute to a better professional orientation and motivation to study technical fields.
The implementation of professional practice takes place on the basis of a contract on professional practice with educational institutions, which lists the agreed work, the agreed scope of working hours and the period for which the contract on professional practice is concluded. Practical training in our company can be performed only by persons over 18 years of age. In order to successfully complete professional practice in our company, which is equipped with the latest technologies, it is necessary to comply with all provisions agreed between the school facility and the employer. If you are interested in completing a professional internship in a top company that will provide pupils and students with invaluable work experience and will help you to apply in the labor market, contact us.


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The company Witzenmann Opava, spol. s r.o. organizes regular excursions in cooperation with schools. Pupils and students look into production facilities and get acquainted with our products. If you are interested in an excursion, please contact us at


Nothing beats direct contact. We would be pleased to speak to you in person and answer any questions you may have.

Mgr. Nikol Muchová

Tel.: +420 553 760 201
Mob.: +420 605 990 928