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More than technological solutions
In the automotive industry, just-in-time deliveries and highly efficient large-series production are standard. Our global network of production plants helps us meet this demand.

Solutions for the automotive industry

We are one of the leading manufacturers and engineering partners in the automotive industry in the field of flexible pipe elements and the decoupling of movements and vibrations.

Passenger Vehicle Product Overview

An overview of our products for passenger vehicles

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Automotive Components in the Exhaust System

In the area of exhaust gases, ducts and decoupling elements or expansion elements of different design absorb vibrations, heat expansions or engine motions and decouple these from other systems.

The hose joint absorbs oscillations and motor vibrations. It is corrosion-resistant, thanks to an appropriate selection of materials. Depending on the installation conditions, the flexible elements for exhaust gas systems will be produced with a round or oval shape.

Hose assemblies are among the products used most frequently for decoupling of vibrations. They are fitted preferentially in the pre-tube area close to the engine. Two different hose joint designs are available: the LIS liner for standard applications and the LIH liner for use when installation space is tight.

Product overview for vehicle parts in the exhaust system
Close To The Engine Components Image Text
Near-engine Components

Our near-engine components offer improved driving comfort and greater security.

  • exhaust gas re-circulation lines with and without micro-filters
  • ducts in the manifold section
  • structure-borne noise decoupling elements
  • return lines for oil and water
  • bellows elements for fuel pumps or piezo injectors
Product overview for engine-related vehicle parts
Other Automotive Components Image Text
Other Automotive Components

Depending on the field of application, we offer, for example, media-resistant, gas-tight and pressure-resistant corrugated hoses. We supply robust and highly flexible protective hoses for electrical installations with VDE approval.

Product overview for other vehicle parts
> 350 million
decoupling elements produced
Over 123
different return pipes
return models studied


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Next steps

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