Pipe Systems

HYDRA® piping

Flexible, pressure resistant pipe assemblies are widely used in cooling water, oil, air conditioning and charge air systems.

In general, our pipe assemblies comprise one or more rigid pipe sections made from a single piece, bent according to the required geometry welded to a flexible metal element (hose or bellows).


  • Compensation of movements, vibrations, thermal expansion and assembly tolerances
  • Technical gas tight solution when including a metal bellows or corrugated hose
  • Temperature and corrosion resistant under extreme operating conditions
  • Wide range of flexibility
  • Optimised gas flow and reduced thermal losses where internal liners / flame tubes are included
  • Custom produced to include customer specified end connections
  • Radial strength and mechanical protection via external braiding
  • Resistant to ageing and diffusion
  • Design with / without insulation according to customer specifications


Examples of products

Examples of products


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