Slide, Fixed and Roller Bearings

The HYDRA® product range includes floating, guide, fixed, and roller bearings. Depending on the specific design, they serve as bearings, for fixation or guidance of the pipelines placed on them. In some cases, these have anti-derailing devices or additional insulation saddles as well as supporting shells for accommodation of the pipeline. The complete range of bearings is perfectly matched and characterised by a sturdy design and maintenance-free operation. The patented clamps ensure ease of assembly and long operational reliability. The patented infinitely adjustable height adjustment ensures easy and optimum adjustment of the bearings to the conditions on the site.

Floating, guide, and fixed bearings:

  • with polyamide sliding plate
  • with clamping
  • for support widths in the range of 80 to 300 mm
  • also available for U- and L-shaped supports
  • for insulated and non-insulated pipelines
  • for fixed height or height-adjustable
  • in the nominal diameter range of DN 15 to DN 1200
  • Temperatures up to 650 °C

Roller bearings with corresponding saddles:

  • absolute maintenance-free HYDRA® standard series
  • PTFE composite bearing
  • lowest frictional resistance (µ < 0.05)
  • patented axle attachment with stainless steel thrust collar
  • can also be clamped for support widths of 100 to 300 mm (larger or smaller sizes on request)


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