Small ducts and fittings for controlled room air ventilation

Witzenmann is the leading company in the design and production of metallic small ducts for controlled domestic ventilation. Our broad range of HYDRA® components enables flexible, space-saving assembly in walls, floors, and ceilings for any application in new buildings and refurbishments. The range of dimensions and designs of the small ducts has been selected appropriately such that very good adjustment to the required air volumes can be obtained and flow losses are minimised.

Controlled domestic ventilation ensures the requisite air exchange in buildings with insulated, tightened shells - in new buildings meeting passive-house or low energy house standards just as well as in refurbished older buildings. The continuous air exchange provides the residents with a comfortable and healthy indoor climate with sufficient fresh air such that the building is protected from moisture-related damage. This air exchange is effected by a heat exchanger through optimal utilisation of the heating energy that is being used, such that an overall energy efficiency of the building is attained that is improved over conventional ventilation through the windows. 
HYDRA® components forming the ventilation duct network are compatible with all commercially available central ventilation units. 


  • Ducts and fittings made of galvanised steel
  • Ducts: bevelled or longitudinally slip-jointed
  • Fittings (angles, bends, branched parts, etc.)
  • Wall and floor outlets, valves
  • Controls, caps
  • Silencers
  • Air distributor boxes
  • Customer-specific special solutions


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